Parent Workspace Template: User Guide

Use the user guide workspace template to create all the user guide workspaces in the company or organization. Write about product features, upload software user guides or new employee welcome and onboarding tips.

Do you want to promote it and add a description and featured image on the homepage newsfeed? You can promote it when you publish the workspace. Or later, if you decide to go back to a published workspace and promote it. Just click the Notes section header to reveal the Promote button.

Workspaces are designed to notify subscribers using email alerts. Alerts notify your subscribers each time a new workspace is added or changed.

How it works:

1. Create the Welcome to our Company user guide workspace.

2. Edit the workspace. You have three sections to edit: a discussion section, file and folders section and notes section. For example you can share details about your organization, an onboarding guide and anything else you like.

3. Publish and Promote the workspace when your finish editing to post it to the team account. Promoted workspaces can now be viewed by team members that are logged in. The workspace is visible in newsfeedsearch and in the Main Menu listing.

4. If child workspace templates are available then you can organize information for that template topic.

5. Publish the workspace when your finish editing to post it to the team account.