Invite customer and supplier contacts in your network to collaborate in one place to cut down the time it takes for approvals, reviews and edits.

Collaboration Permissions for Shared Content with External Users

Contacts can only see shared sections on sub pages that link to their company page. They cannot add other external users. When inviting a contact, they will have the ability to see content in shared sections only for their company including archived pages. they will be able to view, download, upload, edit, make comments and update fields in shared infobox fields.

  • Corporate Level Contacts – Invite people at this level if you want to give access to organization level projects.
  • Location Level Contacts – Invite people at this level if you want to give access to a specific office location.
  • Sharing Sections – It is easy to see what you are sharing and what is private. The sharing icon indicates a shared section. The blue dot in the Infobox field indicates a shared field. Sharing starts when an external user is invited to share. Once they accept and log in, external users have access to their company information and shared content sections and Infobox fields that exist for projects with that company. See what external users see on a page from Page Actions to view shared content on a page as a customer or supplier. .
  • Stop Sharing – From Page Actions menu, a user can select the Stop Sharing feature to hide the page from view of the external user. Administrators can rename or delete pages, delete files and restart sharing.
  • Sharing Box – A list of contacts in this organization. The status of a contact ranges from Invited to Active. Green check indicates an external contact is active, logged in and viewed this page. Black dash indicates an external contact is active but has seen this page .
  • How to Invite a contact listed in the Sharing Box – Click on the check box then click “Invite” button to invite them to this page. The system triggers an invitation by e-mail with a link and temporary password page.
  • How to add a new contact – (Customer) Find the company page in the Customer Widget or add the new company to your account. Add the contact by clicking Create a Page. Add email and full name.

External User Permissions – Access is limited to sections on a page marked as shared. These section types can include

  1. Upload and download files, edit
  2. Comment or start a discussion
  3. Share notes
  4. Take a look at this private message
  5. Receive alerts and email notifications including the daily journal
  6. Change preferences, see information and updates on pages they are allowed to see