Optimize Setup

The first person to sign up for an account is the administrator for the account. Only the administrator adds or deactivates users, adds new extensions, deletes comments or files, renames pages, designs new workspaces and manages payment and billing.

  • Workspace Map – Manage your team’s content with tools that provide your team with visibility and structure. The Workspace Map displays an organizational level view of a folder-type structure of pages and sub pages for your account. Users start a page or sub page to post content. New solutions are activated by the administrator without code or programming.
  • Adding and managing users –  Secure access to data in your account is limited to invited users.
  • Pages – collaboration starts with a page – Intranet Plus is designed as a contextual repository of content and files by process.
  • Home Page, Company Page – Home page displays your company newsfeed.
  • Manage content and files – View, edit, upload files and have visibility to content at an organization level. Users can go to all pages from the page type report found in Main Menu
  • Sharing – Users create a set of pages to share files and information or assign a task to another user. The workflow is visible in the system. See all open workflows, or search by page type.  user access, managing external users, alert settings.
  • Add content, upload files, invite your team, start a conversation, change notifications, send messages
    • Direct messages – share links to pages and send private messages to other users with Take a look at this feature located in menu bar.
    • Update notifications – Make updates, add comments and send direct messages while you work on a page. Notifications get sent to your team. No more back and forth emails.
    • Subscribe – Manage subscription preferences in Options menu for the page you are on or go to Subscriptions in the Main Menu.
  • Assign tasks – Workflow automates routines. The system is designed to alert you to new content published to the account, assignments of new tasks and updates and changes. Workflow can also be set up to route and assign a task where the user is setup to receive a notification for a particular task in a routine. Routines are like a subway train – the train stops at the same station on a route. Routines in business include IT support tasks, approvals, onboarding, sales quotes, etc.
  • Billing and account management – Intranet Plus plugin allows you to access the BPMContext service and all its features. A set of predesigned workspaces are included. Extensions are available to add workspace suites, add storage or subscribe to Workspace Designer to create your own map.

Admin Menu enables administrators to

  • Close – Close open workflow
  • Delete – Delete any page
  • Rename – Rename a page
  • File Delete – Delete files in Attachment sections
  • Comment Delete – Delete comments in Discussion sections