Workspaces are the new “docs”

Start a new workspace like you start a new document. What’s different is that the workspaces are named for specific tasks or categories. They can be a one off  or a set of tasks or categories that organize information in relationship to each other. The set of tasks or categories include a top level category and sub level categories. This is also referred to as parent-child hierarchy. Parent-child hierarchy is how most content is organized on network drives, blogs and websites.

The workspace template is specific to a task or category and the content to be shared including notes, files, folders and responses or comments. Workspace templates provide a consistent approach for sharing content.  For example, Intranet Plus includes Department (parent) and Policy (child) templates that build department sites.

For example, Human Resource department is top level workspace. Employee Handbook is a child level workspace. All child level workspaces are added to the Human Resource menu automatically.

Workspaces are collaborative tools and a new workspace tracks changes and includes an editable field section called Infobox. Fields manage specific data, such as date, status, invoice number, you name it.

Workspaces are edited by the administrator.  Add or remove sections, change workflow options, add or remove fields to display on the Infobox.

Save your work

Once you setup the account, start saving important information in workspaces named for the work you do. Anything you save is accessible to you and your team when they login to the account. Like WordPress, Intranet Plus is accessible on the web from any browser using PC, Mac or tablets.



Share your work 

Intranet Plus provides several ways for your team to share information and files. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, Intranet plus shares pages and subpages, promotes updates to the company home page, includes page links in both notifications and Take a look messages and organizes pages by recent activity and my history.

Pages and subpages

Promote updates

Take a look

Recent activity

My history

Collaborate with shared workspaces

Create and manage groups of activities

Manage files

Add comments

Organize folders

Understanding Intranet Plus Notifications

System notifications are sent to subscribers. Set up subscriptions under Main Menu>Subscriptions to receive alerts when 1) a new activity is published 2) someone added a new file or changed content on a page 3) a Take a look private message is sent 4) someone assigned a task or action item.