What is Workflow?

Workflow offers a way to manage assignments for activities to one person or to a group of people. Use workflow for an activity or process between people to improve accountability.

Administrators can change the workflow of a task using the Workspace Designer. Options include serial, targeted or consumer:

  • Serial routing is designed in a logical order of assignments between people. Serial routing activities can include approvals or sales quote development.
  • Target routing will assign a task to a specific person. For example, target routing is common for IT support or bug tracking.
  • Consumer routing publishes a page to the system without assigning ownership to a user. This is the simplest way to start sharing content and files.

Workflow terms:

  1. Consumer – Publish pages to the account
  2. Targeted – Assign a task and get notified when completed
  3. Serial – Assign a task to a specific user, one or more, in a routing
  4. Take a Look At This – Send a private message and link to a page
  5. Sub-route -Send workflow notification to a user not in the process
  6. Recall – Stop workflow assignment
  7. Route Back to – Send and assign a document back to any person before you on the routing
  8. Open and Closed Status – Open status are active workflow activities. Closed status is either completed workflow activity or published content.